Instagram Envy

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Living on social media can give you all kinds of envy. It's very easy to see the beautiful pictures and wonder why that isn't your life. Life envy is definitely something I suffer from on a consistent basis. Hair envy and #bodygoals envy are right  behind it. 

As my following has grown it has been very easy to get caught up in the "pretend world" that is Instagram. Scrolling through my feed at least once an hour. Wondering how I am going to find the cash to buy all these amazing outfits and thinking about what my next picture will be so I'll amass the most likes. I even have a calendar that has the number of followers I have each day (crazy I know). On days I gain a lot of new followers I feel very happy and accomplished but on days I don't I feel like a failure. Why does Instagram have such a hold on me?
I think like a lot of people it helps us pretend we are somewhere else or someone else. It sets an unrealistic standard of life. Being a faithful "Grammer" I should know better. Behind every shot is about 50 photos that didn't make the cut and ours of editing and planning to make sure each photo is just right. Now let me be clear, I LOVE styling shoots and taking photos and Instagram is a fantastic platform to showcase these talents. I just feel its important to remind yourself that


Take and share amazing photos and be very proud of the followers you've gained and how beautiful your feed is. Just remember that its not real life, so don't let it consume you!
xx, Krysta
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