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Thursday, March 31, 2016

     Life has been so good to me recently and it has made me realize how important it is to make sure I actually live a life I'm proud of. So many people get caught up in the ho-hum of the everyday that they forget there is an entire world out there waiting for them.

" Start investing in life and you will realize no dollar will ever go to waste! "

     I'm currently writing this post from my hotel room in Costa Rica. Coming here has been so much more than I expected. This is my first time out of the US and it happened on a whim with less than a month worth of planning with I guy I litereally just started dating and it couldn't be more perfect. 

     I eaten at multiple places where no one even speaks English and the food was amazing! I went surfing and even caught a few waves. Going somewhere I've never been was on my bucket list for 2016 and now I can gladly cross it off. To be honest I had high doubts about whether or not I would even get to, but for me this is just the beginning. I plan on filling up every page in my passport and maybe even a second one. 

     Don't think just because you're a college student or too young or too broke stop you from living a life of amazing adventures. I am two of those things but it didn't stop me. Start investing in life and you will realize no dollar will ever go to waste!

xx, Krysta

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  1. Aww.. taking a leap when you have no idea if there will be a safety net is the thing to do...most times.. :) I love the quote in the beginning of the post. it's very powerful.. great read.. & btw love the blouse.

    xx Menellia


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