Blue Palms Hotel

Saturday, April 02, 2016

The Location - Perfect

     The Blue Palms Hotel in Jaco, Costa Rica is situated about a half mile from Jaco Beach. The location is perfect for those looking to be close to the tourist areas but not too close. Right next door is a local liquor store and soda. (A soda is a place with outdoor seating that sells traditional food and beverages). You can eat at a soda for about $5 (2700 Colones) per person so having one right next door was great when we were worn out and didn’t want to go far for breakfast or dinner. About 3 blocks down the road is the main tourist area filled with shops and even more places to eat. The beach is a 10 minute stroll and the walk is full of beautiful Costa Rican culture you can  to experience along the way.

The Hotel- Nice

The hotel itself was nice for the price we paid, about $56 per night. The room was clean and the air conditioning worked perfectly. The beds were very comfortable and the staff was very friendly and accommodating. There were a few things that I would have liked though, including an alarm clock in the room as well as a landline telephone and having another mirror that wasn’t in the bathroom would have made getting ready in the mornings a lot smoother. Also, it was very easy to hear our neighbors and anyone that was chatting outside, even if they weren’t being very loud.

The pool was very nice and a great place to take a quick dip in between adventures or before taking a midday nap. The temperature of the water was P E R F E C T. Like seriously, not too warm or too cold.

Overall- Okay

Overall I would give the Blue Palms Hotel 2.75 out of 5 stars. It great for those looking for somewhere affordable and close to the beach in Jaco, Costa Rica. The staff is friendly and the room is clean. Don’t expect your typical American amenities here though. If you plan on spending more time exploring Jaco than staying in your room than I would consider the Blue Palms Hotel for your next stay.
xx, Krysta

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