Starting Fresh

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Recently I’ve felt like I’m lost myself. Not my “real life self” but my “social media self”. I’ve been caught up in likes and followers and I forget why it was that I started This Is Wore. In my recent effort to re-brand my blog I just couldn’t find anything the seemed to work. I realized that this was because the person I was trying to portray on the internet was not the same person I am in real life.

“A Battlefield of Fashion, Lifestyle and Self-Acceptance.”

 That is my slogan but I haven’t been staying true to it. I’ve been trying to be a person I thought the internet would like. The “Self-Acceptance” aspect was lost amid the jealousy of bloggers that were more successful than me but now it’s time for a change.

This Is Wore is going back to its roots. Less superficial and more personal. I’m tired of trying so hard to be someone I’m not. My hope is that This Is Wore will not only be a place to find fashion inspiration but also share my stories about personal growth. The best of both worlds all in one place.
I’m excited to start fresh with This Is Wore and really make it into what it was meant to be! Follow me on Bloglovin’  to get updated with the new true content from This Is Wore.


Cardigan: American Eagle | T-Shirt: Zumiez | Jeans: Hollister | Boots: Steve Madden

 xx, Krysta

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  1. Finding balance will always be a chore. As we grow, and evolve, there will always be the opportunity to assess where we are and how we want to move forward.

  2. Great post with a very important message!
    Marveling-Mind☀ | Instagram | Bloglovin’


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